When it comes to internal and external sex toys, there is a wide variety to select from. These toys are designed to give you pleasure in every way possible. We know that clitoral stimulation leads to orgasm, as there are about 15,000 sensitive nerves in the clit, making it a pleasure spot.

However, for many women, reaching orgasm can be quite challenging. Many aren't even sure what an orgasm feels like when having sex. Fortunately, with numerous developments in sex technology, there are several innovations that ladies will find quit pleasurable. With features like gentle suction, stimulating textures, clitoral vibration, and other pleasure-enhancing features, sex toys are pretty promising.

When it comes to enhancing your sex life, there are particular features you should look out for. Not to worry, if you are going for a solo play or intend to explore a variety of pleasures with your partner, there is a long list of pleasurable toys to try out.

According to experts and customer reviews, these are some of the best sex toys you can find on the sex toy market.


Amy should be every woman's best friend. This wand vibrator comes with 20 vibration patterns in addition to 8 different speeds and offers you an opportunity to indulge yourself in pure bliss.

Amy has the added benefit of being versatile. It can be used for oral sex and anal play. It can also be used as a clitoral vibrator as well as to stimulate other erogenous zones of your choice, including that of your partner. This makes it one of the best female arousal toys.


This G-spot plus clitoral suction rabbit vibrator can best be described as the ultimate solo sex toy. Why? Because Oscar targets all the right places. G-spot and clitoral stimulation are essential for an orgasm, and this rabbit vibrator targets these places at the same time.

With eight vibration patterns and ten suction modes, it isn't surprising that Oscar is recognised as one of the best female arousal toys. Not only do you get to explore different modes, but you can also use this pleasure device for shower play, which makes it more exciting.


Do you know it is possible to experience multiple orgasms? It is, and Joyce is one such device that can make this experience a reality. This sex toy by Joy Toyz is designed for quicker, stronger, and multiple orgasms.

This is made possible with its air pulse technology. You will agree that any sex toy that can make you scream out in pleasure is a big deal, which is why Joyce is one of the best female sex toys you can lay your hands on.


Either for solo or partnered pleasure, Chloe is one vibrator that can take you and your partner to another level of ecstasy. This modern rabbit vibrator combines clitoral stimulation with internal massage, giving you a body-melting experience, so why shouldn't it be on the list? Chloe targets internal and external stimulation while in use, resulting in a breathtaking experience.



Roger is another toy worth laying your hands on. This sex toy is crafted from body-safe, hypoallergenic liquid silicone, which is close to human skin, making Roger ideal for penetrative sex due to its targeted clitoral stimulation.

Thanks to its wide tip and rippled shaft, you are bound to experience some toe-curling orgasms with this toy. You can also use Roger for external stimulation as well. This makes it one of the best female arousal toys.


This dual-stimulating egg vibrator targets both the G-spot and clitoris. These are essential areas for an orgasm. Therefore, Mary by Joy Toyz was designed to target these key areas and can give you orgasms just within minutes. The softly curved device is designed with smooth silicone and makes solo play worthwhile.


Helen is a wearable vibrator that makes sex more pleasurable in every single way. Made from silky smooth silicone, this pleasure-giving device fits perfectly between partners during sex and intensifies the experience. This sex toy acts as a clitoral stimulator ideal for both external and internal stimulation, which makes it an ideal female arousal toy.


This wearable bullet vibrator can have you moaning intensely with sexual pleasure. Rick can be controlled remotely and is designed to offer maximum clitoral stimulation. As an external vibrator, all you need to do is wear Rick in your pants and control the device remotely as you choose. Rick can be used discreetly, thanks to its whisper-quiet feature.


Self-pleasure doesn't have to be complicated. With AVA in the palm of your hand, you get to experience pleasurable sensations and mind-blowing orgasms. This G-spot vibrator is designed to give discreet yet powerful vibrations. AVA can be controlled remotely and is perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the G-spot.

Factors to consider when buying sex toys for women

The type of sex toy

There are tons of sex toys to choose from, so you have to be specific about what you want. You can pick from options such as vibrators, dildos, rabbits, and much more. While some female arousal toys are limited to just internally targeted stimulation, others are versatile, serving multiple purposes, including oral stimulation, general vaginal stimulation, and even anal stimulation. Therefore, you must consider the kind of stimulation you prefer before purchasing.

Noise level

Another factor worth considering is the noise level of the toy. If you live with flatmates, friends, or family, you should consider opting for a quiet sex toy rather than something loud.

Energy source and battery life

Is the sex toy battery-powered or rechargeable? You don't want your sex toy dying on you when you are about to reach orgasm due to poor battery life, do you?

Shape and size

When it comes to pleasure devices, shape and size are very important. That's because these toys are created with a particular body type in mind, so getting one that fits your body makes a real difference.


The design of a sex toy makes using it more pleasurable. The hand-feel texture, e.g., soft silicone, handles, buttons, etc., all contribute to the pleasure experienced.

Number of functions

Lastly, hidden or secret functions add more spice to a pleasure device. This can make your experience more thrilling, which is why the number of features available in a sex toy is essential. And with all these tips, you will undoubtedly get the best sex toys to suit your needs.

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