When you are a beginner, toys can be intimidating and knowing what you should try first can be a tricky decision. After all, there are so many different toys to choose from! To help you out, I’ve compiled this list of best sex toys for beginners to get you inspired. Which will you try first? 


So, first things first, if you don’t already have an intimate lubricant, you should absolutely add one to your life. Lubes help to enhance glide, increase pleasure and extend play by reducing friction. Plus, if you decide to pick up a sex toy later, a waterbased lube is vital for making the most of your new plaything


When it comes to toys that vibrate, a bullet vibrator is an excellent place to start. They’re small, non-intimidating, and designed for all-over clitoral stimulation, but are particularly pleasurable when used on the clitoris, nipples or head of the penis. Bullet vibrators are a brilliant staple to have in your toy box thanks to their versatility and petite size which makes them perfect for solo play, or partnered sex, and a great travel-friendly toy for play away from home.

RICK is a fantastic wearable remote control vibrator for those who want to keep the price low and the pleasure high. It has a tapered tip for pin-point stimulation, 10 vibration settings to explore, a single-button interface for easy operation and, at only 8cm in length, is perfectly sized to slip between you and a partner, or in an overnight bag. 


A vibrating cock ring is a great sex toy for couples, even if you don’t have a penis in your life. Yes, you read that correctly, but I’ll come onto that in a moment.

If you do have a penis, then a vibrating cock ring can be a great way of enhancing solo and couples play. By applying gentle pressure to the base of the penis a cock ring can help the wearer’s feel bigger and harder, and able to play for longer. The vibrations help to enhance blood flow and add extra zing to your penis play and, during couples play, stimulates a partner too for shared bliss. 

No penis? Slip the ring around your fingers for enhanced finger play with a friend. 

LUCAS is one of the best couples sex toy. It is a handsfree vibrator that delivers 10 vibration modes to offer you intense pleasure during solo or partnered sex. Trust me, this toy is a lot of fun!


The wand vibrator or magic wand is a fantastic clitoral vibrator initially designed as a personal massager. Although it tends to intimidate sex toy beginners, which makes sense, given that they're often quite big and powerful, it is often recommended by sex experts for its versatility, power, and longevity. 

AMY is the greatest wand of all times. Inspired from the shape of the female body, it will become your new best friend and make your naughty sessions particularly enjoyable. This massager strikes the perfect balance between power and intensity. The large, round silicon head distributes vibrations softly throughout your erogenous zones without too much intensity which can be an issue with other external stimulators. It has 20 vibration patterns and it is made of silicone for a velvety feel that’s body-friendly and very easy to clean. 


Rabbit vibrators are nice for beginners because they stimulate the vulva both internally and externally by targeting multiple erogenous zones simultaneously helping you get a feel for what you like.

CHLOE is a great beginners sex toy, a multi-function silicone rabbit vibrator that isn't too daunting for those who want to give sex toys a go for the first time. It isn't super big or girthy, meaning that if you're already in the mood you won't even need lube — although it is recommended for the most comfortable experience. The thick, flickering teaser tickles you externally while, simultaneously, its soft ribbed shaft takes care of internal affairs. Both tips are extremely bendy offering 10 vibration speeds. Just choose the speed that suits your mood and get cosy with this beauty not only in the bedroom but also in a shower or bath being its body completely submersible.


Air-pulse toys or suction toys result in intense orgasms that are different from a clitoral orgasm that you would get with a regular vibrator. The toys are used externally, designed to surround the clitoris, and emit pulses of air or sound waves to stimulate it and nearby nerves, resulting in a much fuller and possibly quicker orgasm. This indirect clitoral stimulation can be a much subtler and deeper sensation than that of direct stimulation with a vibrator.

If a clitoris stimulator sounds more your speed, go with JOYCE. As with all of the brand’s products, JOYCE is a premium toy that’s as well-built as it is stimulating. The device’s mouthpiece uses sonic waves to excite, which means direct contact is not necessary. With 10 intensity levels using Air Technology, JOYCE is ideal for beginners. Just hold into it and spread apart your labia, if needed, then place the suction cup  over your clitoris and enjoy a unique sensation. It’s also waterproof (made of ABS plastic and silicone) if you want to use it in the shower.

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